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Storage Battery pack

Battery cells type: 18650/26650 battery cell

Cells Nominal Voltage: 3.7v

Nominal capacity of 18650: 1000mAh, 1500mAh, 1700mAh, 1800mAh, 1900mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2400mAh, 2600mAh

Nominal capacity of 266503000mAh, 3300mAh, 3400mAh

Battery Pack Voltage: 3.7V, 7.4v, 9.6V, 11.1v, 14.8v, ...96v etc.

Battery Pack Capacity: 3Ah, 4.4Ah, 6Ah, 6.6Ah, 6.8Ah, 7.2Ah, 8.8Ah, 9.6Ah, ...100Ah, 200Ah, etc.

Charger: Matching as different battery pack

PCM: over-charge/discharge protection, over-heat protection; make battery safe

● Fire standby power 
● Security Alarm System 
● emergency lighting system 
● Intercom System (weak monitoring 
● Power Systems 
● electronic instrumentation 
● Intelligent Transportation communications control room 
● emergency lights, electronic scales 
● Children electric toy car 
● portable electronic devices 
● photographic equipment 
● solar energy, wind power generation system 
● flash floods, earthquake early warning radio system 
● UPS uninterruptible power supply 
● LED strip / panel 
● Camera / IP Camera 
● Car camera recorder 
● Router / Switch 
● POS machine 
● Solar energy storage

OEM/ODM Avalaible!

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